How to wear a vintage shirt.

“The greatest dishes are very simple.” — Auguste Escoffier, the “Emperor of Chefs”

Who said you can’t wear a shirt over another shirt? (Possibly ironed, don’t follow my example folks!)

img_20170103_124401I am extremely in love with my vintage shirt (dark blue patterned), a nice 100% viscose treasure that I found years back in a pile of clothes in a Hackney vintage pop-up fair, that just does an amazing job in collaborating with an old H&M 100% cotton simil-denim shirt. I know, I am not suggesting you to start wearing you nice dinner suit shirt with a checked flannelled, be considerate yes? I do think though that as long as you keep it simple, you have the freedom to bend the non-existing rules of society fashion.

I tend to layer shade of the same colour and then break the picture with a dash of something different, usually unrelated (the hat for instance) and then keep it tuned in with a garment on the same shade, hue or vibrancy (the 100% lambswool scarf bought for just a £5 in a vintage shop in Edinburgh! BARGAIN).

As you will get to know, I have a interesting relationship with artificial fibres, and I usually avoid them while shopping, unless they are used in the piece of clothing for a specific purpose (elasticity, recycling, durability etc).

Keep it simple and spicy this winter!

Yes, a greenish/blue eyeliner will blend in nicely!


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