Let’s talk about Andy

Me being fancy with a crop top!

“John Muir, Earth — planet, Universe”
(Muir’s home address, as inscribed on the inside front cover of his first field journal)


Andy: ¼ Gypsy, ¼ Kel Tamasheq, ¼ Native American and a ¼ Mermaid. Extremely independent lover, kind serendipity chaser and hopeless rebel mess. I used to collect sand, now I just collect mental pictures.

I came on this planet fighting and had to fight many battles so far, some of them were mine some belonging to others; I recently decided freedom over comfy illusions, come out from my shell and rebelled against the status quo.

I have lots to give and many opinions to share, so, it might happen that you will find my thoughts a bit odd, surreal or intense at times.

I am a performer, writer and public speaker, want to collaborate? I would be pleased!

“She was hiding treasures in the depths of dreams and nightmares, calling them humans.

She left a mark on those who couldn’t fit in the material world, she called them Ethereals, beings able to transcend and see the light in all its spectrum.

Beings able to feel beyond the same barrier that the humanity imposed on them; and then is when freedom became a choice, not a virtue