Life is too short to be the “good” guy because you are scared of opinions. You can be a nice person and still own your shit.

Life is too short to sabotage your inner self by believing that being ambitious is bad. Guess what: whoever says that is just jealous or scared. Afraid to loose you maybe, jealous of the success you might reach [Read more…]

I get welcomed by a lovely smile, that brings me the menu and gives me some space to decide.
As my usual, my decision-making skills are terrible, so when the waitress comes back I was still trying to decipher the writings on that A6 piece of white paper.
I tell her about the article that I read regarding the place and the fancy (read more…)

I dedicate this post to you, I would have never been where I am now without all you incredible and unconditional love! Thanks from the deepest corner of my blue heart! [read the rest]