Life is too short to be the “good” guy because you are scared of opinions. You can be a nice person and still own your shit.

Life is too short to sabotage your inner self by believing that being ambitious is bad. Guess what: whoever says that is just jealous or scared. Afraid to loose you maybe, jealous of the success you might reach [Read more…]

[…]I am tired of passively accepting all of that, we don’t deserve it. How would you feel if tomorrow, you as a blond haired person, or red, or tall, or left handed would suddenly be illegal? [read the rest…]

We need to open up a space FOR ourselves, by delimiting the space that others can have in our lives. Houses can only exist if you build walls, and take away some space from the ground, enclosing it into bricks and giving it a new purpose, […read the rest]