Hyperion Nyx

Performance artist and boylesquer, Hyperion Nyx is my stage identity.
Hyperion Nyx is someone that got stuck between the consistency of dreams and essence of hope; named after Hyperion the titan of light, wisdom and watchfulness and Nyx the goddess of night, mystery and power, they embalm perfectly the essence of who I am while I perform -and not only.

What I do creatively takes inspiration from real and unreal life using mediums such as contemporary dance, visual media, spoken words just to name a few. Due my strong visual background education and interests, I tend to work on making something striking but yet deep. I recently got chosen for DEBS 2017 (Dancers Emerging Bursary Scheme) mentored by the incredibly talented Al Seed. [You can read my interview here ].
I focus on giving a deep message to my projects and acts, in the hope of moving toward a better society, transcending from labels and filters and giving back to the audience a raw, unprocessed and organic fuel for their minds; that sometimes could mean perform just for the sake of helping the audience to escape from the daytoday duties and rejoice for a night.
Art was, and has always been, a way to shape the communities, make political statements and fight for the rights of every different human being; so here I am striving to bring all of these ideals back while forming my own fierce legacy.

For further info, events, booking or just to get together either drop me a line on Let’s link! or just contact me on my Facebook page or Instagram!