Hyperion Nyx




Physical theatre performer and Boylesque artist, Hyperion Nyx is my stage reality.
Someone that got stuck between the consistency of dreams and essence of hope, and recently chosen for DEBS 2017 (Dancers Emerging Bursary Scheme) mentored by the incredibly talented Al Seed.
Named after Hyperion the titan of light, wisdom and watchfulness and Nyx the goddess of night, mystery and power, they embalm perfectly the essence of who I am while I perform -and not only. Bending the label of gender depending on the need and the will but most likely being outside of it completely.
I focus to give a deep message to my shows and acts, in the hope of inspiring of moving toward a better society, transcending from labels and filters, giving back to the audience a raw, unprocessed and organic fuel for their minds; said so I like to perform a pure ephemeral entertainment, allowing the audience to rejoice of some cheesy old cabaret.
Art was, and has always been, a way to shape the communities, make political statements and fight for the rights of every different human being; so here I am striving to bring all of these ideals back while forming my own fierce legacy.

Feel free to stalk my pictures! For further info, events, booking or just to get a cuppa together either drop me a line on Let’s link! or just contact me on my Facebook page: Hyperion Nyx